episode24- Paul Chaul and The One Small Ball Of String

March 4, 2017

Episode 24 begins with a crowd favourite (even though it's only happened once before) 'Better Call' Paul Chaul and the One Small Ball, 2 Truths and 1 sweet little lie, robbing for Jesus (it's what he would have wanted), cranking for dummies (may involve masturbation) and ties up with ABBA's odd Nazi backstory.


Episode 23- Clag and Spam

February 23, 2017

WOWL23 features Owen having a pant splittin', boob grabbin' time at GN'R, dogs that love reggae and soft rock, naked cartwheels and a new segment 'Better Call Paul'.


Episode 22- Ethnic Employment

February 12, 2017

We're back to our normal format after a successful podcrawl. This weeks episode includes interupting "meow" pussy, The Hard 10 that was fed after midnight, got wet and multiplied to The Hard 20. Another possible animal fight, butt sniffing, finger banging shopkeepers and the police play a game of Where's Waldo?


Episode 21- Sub-Species IV: BloodStorm (A Podcrawl Story)

February 5, 2017

Episode 21 is our Bad Movie Sunday special, where WOWL join a podcrawl in cahoots with the folks at 'That's Cool, That's Trash', 'Rogue Riffers' and 'Bad Movie Night' on an adventure lit by the Full Moon (Productions), reviewing an entry each in the 'SubSpecies' franchise. On this episode we cover Part 4:Bloodstorm (or Part 4: Awakening, depending on which territory you illegally acquired this film.)

Prior to hearing our ramblings, you can go back and check out our podcrawl partner reviews of earlier entries:

thatscoolthatstrash.com for Sub-Species

rogueriffers.wordpress.com for Sub-Species II: Bloodstone

bad-movie-night.com for Sub-Species III: Bloodlust

You can find these guys at 




You can also find us at all the usual places. 

A very special thank you to Jack from Rogue Riffers. The podcrawl would not have happened had he not reached out to us all and got the ball rolling. We look forward to the next one! Cheers. 



Episode 20- Lisa it’s your Birthday, Happy Birthday Lisa.

January 15, 2017

We celebrate Owen's Birthday and discuss creative differences with editing. The complete Hard 10 is back, WOWL podcast about other podcasts, somewhat a Podcast Inception, weird news, 2 truths and a lie and over circumsized penis mishap. Let's not forget mini horse and dickhead councellors.


Episode 19- The Apology Tour

January 8, 2017

We start the new year with an apology to anyone who listened to Episode 18 and begin to try to redeem ourselves. This week's Hard 10 quiz gets edited down to a Firm 7. Ben is knee deep in his screenplay whilst Owen gets in trouble with the law. Jimmy Smits is mentioned alot. Weird News stars a bear car thief and a sulking husband that didn't talk to his wife for 2 decades. Lastly we discuss our upcoming Podcrawl with the boys from RogueRiffers and That's Cool That's Trash.


Episode 18- Wax On Wax Beerical AKA Edit In Not Out

January 3, 2017

No apologies were made for the making of this podcast... there should be! Wax Beericals rings in the new year with a podcast lounge hogging cat, and unexpected (and unacceptable) call from the least favourite Austalian State, NZ. Largely followed by all (yes all seventy fucking two) celebrites that left this mortal coil in 2016. A mad man's drunk ramblings of 2 truths and a lie, a modified hard 10, weird news and strange festivals.


Episode 17- Not A X-Mas Special AKA The DNA Empire

December 26, 2016

Episode 17 is not a Holiday special. Thats all you need to know. Happy Festivus!


Episode 16- Going on 17

December 11, 2016

This episode consists of Ben's hard 10 being... well hard (?) A NKOTB story involving a security guard, a minor and a public toilet. A run in with Nicole Kidman or Ruth Cracknall. Posessions by LGBTQ ghosts, a gaggle of paranormal researchers and a suicidal squirrel bombers.


Episode 15- Skin Pouch

November 29, 2016

Episode 15, starring the world's worst improvised sex toy, weatherman arsonists, Bez, the 'on the other end of the phone guy' and creepy talking girlfriend pillows.