The Letter A in the A to Zaat Adventure with Wax On Wax Lyrical

September 7, 2017

The season 2 adventure begins with movies we haven't seen but should have and Bad Movie Sunday in podcast form. This episode is the letter A with A Streetcar Named Desire and Ambulance. One is good and one is bad, you decide.


Season 2 Preview The Movie Alphabet - A to Zaat

August 17, 2017

last episode is just half a taste of what youll be getting from WOWL in Season 2. We've changed the format. Find out Who, What, When, Why and other W words.


Episode 31- Return Of The Wax AKA The Final Chapter In The Andy Sidaris/Podtratic Equation Podcrawl- Malibu Express

August 7, 2017

Season 2 opens with a doozy (again), this time with better quality. Well... better sound quality not content quality. To round up the long awaited final episode in the Podtratic Equation Andy Sidaris Podcrawl, we tackle the 1987 softcore porn "comedy" action adventure Malibu Express. It's better that we watched this film and you didn't. It's bad. It's really bad.


Episode 30- Who is Todd Grisham? aka Caption Jack

June 3, 2017

WOWL gets dirty with episode 30. We recorded over a week ago but we got lazy in putting this currency out in the world. We return with In The News, and wax lyrical on golden tickets to heaven, self gratification on CCTV and mutant sheep, and of course partake in the trusty Hard 10 quiz. We also discuss our new podcast network and why we left the other network that shall not be named. The story isn't exciting or anything. Enjoy our big 3-0, where we grow a little older and gain more body hair.


Episode 29- Polly Want Crack?

May 11, 2017

The lowest of low tech podcast gets an upgrade, sort of. This week we over come recording difficulties but Owen still struggles. This episode also features a brand new segment, Kerry-Tic, another double hard 10 and the lives of boring dad's who didn't do much. In the news we find out about facial recognition toilet paper dispenser and coked out birds causing shit for people.

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Episode 28- Rectum… Damn Near Killed Him!

May 3, 2017

We return back to our regular format of crap, again using the skype. Included is a Hard 10 and Soft 8, a sponser, massive news on the podcast front that should lift our game but in all fact will probably drag others down with us. R.Kelly in the news spread his love, butt jokes and Mr Luber Luber, Shaggy.

Also gone done and got a e-mail address for all those people not to e-mail us.

twitter and facebook are available to if you want to use them, for yourself or for us. You can do as you please.


Episode 27- The Stuff: A Cultural Exchange w/ Rogue Riffers

April 17, 2017

Ooohhh we're back! Not with our typical set up of recording method or episode structure. Instead we talk a bout a bad movie, a Bad Movie Sunday movie... The Stuff. Jack, Lad and Dave of the Rogue Riffers psuedo join us (in spirit) with a cultural exchange. They picked The Stuff and for them we picked Ozploitation classic, Dead End Drive-In. 

We also tried our hand at technology and recorded over skype. You know thw quality of this show so don't expect much, it's free. 


Episode 26- Extra-Terrestrial Hot-Mess Self-Obsessed

March 20, 2017

Episode 26, we still have Drunk Dad that has a sound effect tourettes. There are shoes that can order pizza and the cost of being a genderless alien thingy. Also a special bonus Marvel like after credit stinger scene, where the WOWL boys take on the deadly wildlife of the Australian wilderness.


Episode 25- Johnny Guitar & Robbie Bass

March 15, 2017

This week, **Breaking News** The cat is out of the bag, so no more editing out. Ben gets an afternoon off and Drunk Dad makes a return. Speaking of returns, nothing we spoke of in the last episode that made us famous, but The Hard 10 is back. Also featuring deadly porn stacks and Nickelback impersonators.


episode24- Paul Chaul and The One Small Ball Of String

March 4, 2017

Episode 24 begins with a crowd favourite (even though it's only happened once before) 'Better Call' Paul Chaul and the One Small Ball, 2 Truths and 1 sweet little lie, robbing for Jesus (it's what he would have wanted), cranking for dummies (may involve masturbation) and ties up with ABBA's odd Nazi backstory.